The Full Story

White Sand and Stone

Sanghaal started as a vision to create a safe community for anyone navigating recovery.  Whether it be from substance abuse, trauma, burnout, chronic pain and fatigue, or other situational life stressors, I regularly heard the same story from my clients...they craved community, connection, and to not feel so alone. 

My personal journey in recovery began on April 2nd, 2018 when I made the decision to quit drinking.  I never felt comfortable identifying as an alcoholic. I was a successful, young business owner and a respected professional in mental health.  The term "alcoholic" always felt so demeaning to me, as if I would always carry a label that meant I was powerless. That's what AA teaches, anyway...that we are powerless- and I suppose that label is what kept me out of meetings.  But still, my anxiety had begun to cripple me, my relationships were falling apart, and I couldn't imagine the last time I had fun without alcohol. I made a decision that day in April to challenge myself to 30 days of sobriety...a kind of "experiment" to prove to myself that I didn't have a problem, that I was in control, and I had this whole thing figured out. 


The funny thing about recovery is how drastically your life can and will improve from the very minute you decide to take your power back. In those first 30 days, I faced a lot of challenges, answered a lot of questions, and physically connected with my broken pieces that alcohol had kept hidden. I lost a lot of friends, a lot of identities, and a lot of roles I had been maintaining. To heal myself, I first had to face myself, and that was the part that kept me prisoner for so many years before.  On my 30th day of sobriety, I was faced with a decision: stop here and go back to the life I knew, or keep going and discover the new life that was unfolding. For the first time in my life, I heard my Higher Self delicately saying, "you're not ready. Don't turn back." so I didn't. 

That brings me here, to Orlando, to Sanghaal, and to The Sober Bar. All are dreams I manifested to help others like me who are ready to wake up too. Early on in my recovery, I felt so alone. I wanted like-minded friends to support me and to have fun with, and unfortunately I realized how hard that was to find. My vision for this sangha has and always will be centered around community for that reason. You have the power to find yourself again, and you deserve a space to do it with others who are on the same path. 

Since opening the doors in July of 2021, I have met an entire community of mental health practitioners, alternative healers, and holistic health providers who embrace the same vision that I saw in the beginning.  Together, we have turned our little studio into a beautiful holistic healing center right in the heart of Downtown Orlando.  Each of our providers offer uniquely different gifts, talents, and healing modalities to share with clients.  We look forward to serving you and providing you with the space and the resources to thrive. 


Katie Mason, Founder of Sanghaal and The Sober Bar